Here are some of our favorite fitness influencers and their full-body workouts in under 30 minutes.

MadFit - is releasing new videos almost every day. She also has several short workout videos to popular songs to really pump you up. She’s fun, inspiring and you’ll be the good kind of sore after.

Pamela Reif - An intense Full Body Workout, that you can do without equipment, wherever and whenever. It targets the muscles of your entire body and gives you a good sweat. Grab yourself a towel or yoga mat - Pamela does it with you and her “no excuses” motto will have you inspired.

Nicole Steen - Fitness and dance expert Nicole Steen makes sure you ht every muscle in your body in this 30 minute no equipment workout. Nicole alternates between toning moves & cardio bursts while standing - then brings you down to the mat for the workout’s second half.

June 01, 2020 — Kristin Reichert
Tags: Workout Tips

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