Seemingly every social media influencer is touting headbands – especially bow headbands for women – as the today’s new “must have” accessory.

Maven Thread, boutique producer of fun, affordable and unique women’s headbands for working out and going out, just dropped a ton of new bow headband designs. Our designs are on-trend at 4” wide and offer maximum comfort and style.

If you haven’t already gotten on board with this hair accessory craze, there’s no time like the present.

The Year of the Headband

Last summer, starlets and fashionistas alike started showing up on the red carpet – and at the gym, on a coffee run, while shopping, walking the dog – wearing headbands. Unlike a lot of accessories trends, however, this one stuck, and is still sticking.

As well roll beyond the halfway point of this year, it looks like this trend will stay right with us, but with the addition of bows. Bows of all sizes, shapes, colors and styles will be popping up everywhere, but especially on hair accessories like headbands.

How to Wear & Style Your Bow Headband

You can wear this fun, flattering accessory any time, anywhere. It can take you from work, to the gym, out on the town, and beyond.

Although you can place your band anywhere on your head that it’s practical and comfortable, the fashion forward crowd are wearing theirs right at the hairline, or just barely behind it. This placement works with virtually any type of hair style, from sleek and smooth to wavy, curly or whatever you like best.

As the weather turns cold this fall and into winter, wear your bow headband situated over your ears, instead of a hat or earmuffs. Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge did exactly that herself.

Get the Look Now with Bow Headbands from Maven Thread

Maven Thread has a vast collection of 4” bow headbands for you to choose from. If you’re looking for headbands with bows, you will find plenty of options in solid colors, stripes, polka dots, floral prints and more. We have bandana print headbands, camo, geometrics and more.

The best part is that our women’s headbands are designed for the demanding workout environment. That means they’re comfortable to wear and they keep your hair out of your way. The bow designs are made to look like you tied them yourself, but they’re actually secured with machine stitching, so they’ll always look runway-perfect.

Visit our website now to browse our full line of exercise headbands and our fun, on-trend bow headbands for women.
July 13, 2021 — SEO Werkz

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