It’s true, doggo snuggles are the best. And when it comes to choosing between getting in your workout or giving your pet some much appreciated attention, well, sometimes that workout doesn’t happen. (How do you say no to that cute puppy face?). But the good news is, man’s best friend can also be man’s best fitness companion! Keep reading for 6 workouts you can do with your dog that are good for both of you.

Benefits of Working out Together

Believe it or not, your dog can be a great accountability partner. No, they won’t text you encouraging messages when you don’t feel like working out. But they will beg you for a walk whenever they want to go out. 

Plus, if you start to create a routine of going for a run or walk every morning, you can bet your doggo is going to get you up out of bed on the days you want to sleep in.

This goes without saying, but the more active the breed, the more exercise they need. Which means the more you have to get off the couch and help them burn off some energy. And when a dog doesn’t get enough exercise it can lead to behavior issues and obesity.

But your pupper doesn’t have to be the only one doing some work! Not only will the exercise be good for your health too, it can also help strengthen your dog mom / fur baby bond. 

Workouts to do with Your Dog

Hike / Walk / Run

The obvious answer, and hopefully something you are already doing somewhat regularly. Dogs can be great walking and hiking companions, and they’ll love the time outside smelling all the things. 

And yet, we know that not all dog breeds or personalities were made for running. If at first it’s not ideal, be patient and keep trying. Most dogs will need to be trained how to be good running companions. But if your pooch straight up refuses, don’t fret. We’ve got more ways for you to work out together below.


It’s true, you can get your daily squats in alongside your dog. Have them stand facing you and take their two front paws. As you squat down, lower their paws a few inches down with you. Then stand back up and repeat. Feel that booty burn while staring into the eyes of your beloved pup.

Doggo Yoga

You’ve heard of goat yoga, but have you heard of dog yoga? Or Doga, as some call it. Yoga is great for stretching, strengthening and mindfulness, but Doga is additionally inspired by the natural happiness, healthiness and excitability of our dog friends. 

For more information on how to get started with your own Doga practice, check out this post from Rover.


All you need is a toy, and you can get your dog to participate in pretty much any workout. Take burpees for example. Throw a toy for your pupper to fetch, and get in as many burpees as you can until they return. Repeat 3 - 5 times, trying to increase your number of burpees each time.

Or just hold the toy in your hand and do a quick shuffle hop from side to side, while doggo runs and jumps alongside you after the toy.


Practicing your serve is a whole lot more enjoyable when you’ve got a furry friend to fetch the balls for you. However, it’s probably not the best workout idea for dogs that like to chew the tennis balls up.


It’s summer, and it’s hot. Both you and your dog will appreciate a nice dip in the lake. And while we’re all about floating and sipping a cool drink, you could get a few laps in too. Plus it’s easier exercise on those joints, for both human and pup.

Before you start your doggo exercise regime, get yourself some workout gear that shows off the proud dog mom you are.

July 06, 2021 — Kristin Reichert

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