Summer is here, which might mean some of you are getting around to renewing your gym memberships right about now. Or maybe you decided to join one for the first time ever (way to go!). Gym rat or gym newbie - either way, these are our must-have items whenever we hit the gym.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important, we wrote a whole blog post about it. So we really can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to pack a water bottle in your gym bag. If you are going to sweat it out, you’ve got to fill your body back up!


Speaking of sweat, if you know you are going to go hard at the gym, it’s nice to have a clean, soft sweat towel from home. Some gyms provide towels, but… not on my face. Thank u next.

Resistance Bands

Some gyms will have resistance bands you can use, but we like to take our own. It’s just easier to grab what you need when the equipment is familiar, and they take up so little room in your gym bag anyway. 

Dry Shampoo and Deodorant

Got places to be afterwards? Dry shampoo is a lifesaver if you don’t have time for the whole shower, shampoo and blow dry. Just dry any sweat around your hairline, use a couple spritzes of dry shampoo, rub it in, and you are good to go. Dove and Batiste are some of our favorite brands you can snag at the grocery store.

Also, deodorant, because duh.

Extra Headband

We’ve always got an extra headband in our bags, just in case. There’s nothing more annoying than flyaways getting in your face and being stuck with nothing to keep them at bay.

Need a few more to keep on hand in your gym bag? Our stretchy, comfortable, sweat-wicking and stay-put headbands come in several styles and tons of fun patterns!


The music at gyms can sometimes be a bit much. We definitely prefer to have full control over the song choices. Plus, plugging in your headphones is a great way to tune out everyone around you and just focus on your movements, breathing and muscles.

Combo Lock

A definite gym bag essential to make sure your stuff is safe and sound while you get your workout on. Combination locks are easy to travel with and not hard to find. Just don’t forget your combination! Your birthday is always a good go-to for something like this.

Got the essentials but not the bag? Our On the Go Duffel was specially designed to efficiently fit all the things you need, for both the gym and travel!

June 29, 2021 — Kristin Reichert

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