In today’s ever-expanding trend of women’s health and fitness, fashion does indeed play an important role in the comfort, motivation, and even performance of the individual. Of course, you want to look and feel good while getting busy looking and feeling good. One integral part of the women’s fitness ensemble is the sports headband, or “sweatband,” as it is less palatably known.

Maven Threads provides a wide variety of the best styles, colors and patterns of women’s sports headbands to mix and match with your personal style of activewear, but there is more to this misunderstood accessory than meets the fashionable eye. While there are countless personal reasons for donning a headband in the gym, at the track or on the trail, let’s focus on 3 of the unsung, but most practical uses:  Keeping hair back, blocking the elements, and eliminating funk.

Keeping Hair Back

There is nothing more distracting or annoying during a good workout than hair in your face. Whether you are sporting wild locks or a shorter “bob,” sweaty hair sticking to or dangling in front of your face can take away from the performance or simple enjoyment of your workout.  Maven Threads’ athletic headbands come in 4 inch, 2 inch, scrunchie and bow styles, suiting your need to make sure your coif stays on top of your head and out of your face, eyes and shoulders while also keeping the sweat at bay.

Blocking The Elements

Earth, wind, fire and water… or in this case sand, wind, sun and rain.

Most outdoor athletic activities will involve a run-in with one, if not all, of these ever-present elements. While each offers its own unique challenge, our Maven Thread 4-inch women’s headbands provide protection from all of the above, blocking out the sun and absorbing the rain as well as repelling the sand and wind. With our huge variety of patterns, styles and colors, you’ll, of course, also be protected from the fifth element of not being seen by competitors and other traffic.

Eliminating Funk

Whether you’re a cyclist, skater, kayaker or partaker in any of the multitudes of activities that require a helmet, you undoubtedly have encountered “helmet funk.”

Once the funk sets into the foam padding in your helmet, there isn’t much hope of getting it out.  The best workout headbands provide an absorbent layer between your sweaty head and helmet, keeping the funk at bay. 

While Maven Thread’s women’s sports headbands offer protection from distraction, the elements and unwanted odor, we also realize the importance of looking and feeling your best while enjoying your workout and provide the ultimate in fashionable colors and styles to suit your personal needs. That’s why all of our products are as fashion-forward as they are practical.

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August 09, 2021 — SEO Werkz

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