A Peloton bike is just one of the many, many ways to get in a good workout, but did you know they offer so much more than just cycling classes? That means you don’t have to have the bike to enjoy many of the amazing exercise classes on their app.

Whether you have the bike, just use their app or need a new routine for the gym, checkout these recommended Peloton workouts!

80s Ride with Denis Morton

Love 80s jams? Then this is the cycling class for you. Denis’ fun and informative teaching style has garnered him a ton of positive reviews. If you aren’t already an expert on the bike, this class is a great one to ease you in.

Treadmill Running with Matty Maggiacomo

Running on a treadmill is not always the most exciting workout you can do, especially if you don’t have anything to look at. But that’s why Matty’s classes are so great. He brings a great energy, tons of fun, and actually makes the time fly by.

Glutes and Legs Strength with Selena Samuela

Get ready to feel the burn with this one. Selena’s glutes and legs class will give you a complete lower body workout in a tough but quick 20 minutes. But be warned, you will feel it the next day.

Desk Yoga with Kristin McGee

Tired and stiff from sitting at your desk all day? This 10 minute yoga routine is perfect for sneaking in between those WFH Zoom meetings. It’s just the thing to loosen up your muscles and get a quick boost of energy.

Anything with Olivia Amato

If you are looking for a tough workout, look no further than Olivia Amato. Her running, strength and cycling classes will absolutely kick your booty, but her upbeat personality will have you encouraged to keep going.

XOXO Ride with Cody Rigsby

On the other hand, if you just aren’t feeling the workout today, tune into an XOXO ride with Cody Rigsby. Cody chooses some great music and will actually have you laughing during your workout. If fun is what you need, he’s your guy.

Yoga with Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Let’s face it, life has been a little crazy the past year+. Chelsea Jackson Roberts brings the exact calming energy we all need to find a bit of peace in the chaos.

Barre with Ally Love

Barre is an excellent low-impact workout that will still have your muscles feeling on fire. Ally’s classes are great for when you want to feel the burn, but maybe don’t have the energy for a hyped up spin class. 

Core Strength with Robin Arzón

All it takes is 10 minutes to get in a good core workout, and Robin’s classes are proof. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t have at least 10 minutes to work on those abs? 

April 27, 2021 — Kristin Reichert

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