Right now, a lot of us are dealing with our homes becoming a multi-purpose living space, office, kid’s school room, and gym. If you are struggling to establish a new workout routine with that much change and activity in one place, we hear you! 

Exercising at home now means you have to worry about disrupting your roommate or downstairs neighbor, and that can make it difficult to feel like you are really pushing it in those workouts. But it is possible! Here are some of our favorite moves for a quiet full-body workout that will still make you sweat. 

Do each exercise for 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest between:

  • Windmill toe taps - Stand with your legs far apart and do a slight lunge side to side tapping your toes while windmilling your arms around between taps.
  • Curtsy lunges - While standing cross one leg back into a curtsy position and do a deep lunge. Alternate legs each time.
  • Center Squat with Punch - Stand with your legs apart, do a deep squat, and hold while you punch front four times alternating arms.
  • Plank with Hip Dips - Hold a plank position and rotate your hips around side to side, dipping down to almost touch the ground.
  • Standing crunches - Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and pull one knee up to your chest at a time. Make sure to really crunch your abs as you lift your knee to get the most burn.
  • Standing oblique crunch - Still standing with your legs far apart, arms raised slightly above your head. Pull your right need up to the side while reaching towards your knee with your right elbow. Do a full 40 second set with the right leg, then switch to your left.
  • Side lunges - Stand with your legs far apart and lunge side to side, alternating each time. 
  • Donkey kick and tuck - Get on the mat on your hands and knees. Keeping your knee bent, raise one leg straight back and up, lifting the bottom of your foot to the ceiling. Then bring that leg back down and tuck your knee to your chest. Do a full set with your right leg then switch to your left.
  • Tricep taps - Flip over so you are sitting up. Place your hands directly behind you and lift your booty off the ground. Hold this position while you alternate raising each foot to tap with the opposite hand.
  • Superman pulls - Lay flat on your stomach with arms extended. Lift both your legs and arms - lift your chest off the mat if you can. While holding your position, pull your elbows in on either side of your head towards your hips. Then extend and lower.
  • Side and back leg lifts - While standing, lift your leg straight out to the side and drop, then lift it straight back (use those glutes!). Alternate legs after each set.
  • Split lunge with kick - While standing, step one foot straight back and do a deep lunge. When you rise, kick the back leg out in front of you. Alternate legs each squat.
  • Squat walks - Exactly what it sounds like! Do a squat, then while staying low in a semi-squat position, take two steps sideways with each foot. Squat again, and take two steps back in the other direction.
  • Pushup should taps - Do a push up, then tap each shoulder with the opposite hand. If you can’t do a full push up, it’s okay to do this one on your knees!

And that’s it! The whole routine should take about 12 minutes, so it’s great for getting in a quick workout or pairing with another routine.

Next time you need to get some early morning exercise without waking anyone up, give these moves a try.

August 31, 2020 — Kristin Reichert

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