Following a fitness influencer on instagram can be a great way to find workout tips, get new exercise ideas and keep a little motivation popping up on your feed. However, there are a TON of fitness influencers out there, and each one has their own personality and style that may or may not mesh with yours. We find the ones we most enjoy following have good fitness and good inspiration, but are also just all around good people as well.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, these are some of our favorites!

A Few of Maven’s Favorite Fitness Influencers: 

influencer named madeline exercising at the gym


Madeline is a resistance based fitness trainer with a love for fitness and nutrition. Her instagram is full of workout routines and photos from her travels with her husband, Drew. 

She also has an app with access to 5 brand new workouts every week if you sign up for a subscription.

woman wearing an animal print sports bra taking a mirror selfie


Jess is a great one to follow if you are looking for workout motivation and healthy recipe ideas. She’s proud of her fitness journey, and wants you to be too!

Jess also has a passion for sharing her skincare, makeup and style tips if you enjoy following more all-around lifestyle influencers.

woman wearing pink sportswear exercising


Lindsey has such a fun vibe and so much energy. Her workouts will kick your butt, but she’ll make you smile at the same time. 

If you head over to the Nourish Move Love website, you’ll find more of what drives Lindsey, including healthy recipes and sharing devotionals.

woman wearing black sportswear near a lake


We love Mindy’s journey because she proves that an illness diagnosis doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

Follow her instagram for tons of workout routines, inspirational posts, and the occasional cute photo of one of her kids.

woman wearing a blue sportswear taking a mirror selfie


Meg is a fitness and nutrition coach living in sunny Florida. She offers lots of weight training and conditioning workouts, and also loves paddle boarding.

We enjoy following Meg because she keeps it real and isn’t afraid of being honest!

woman wearing pink leggings and white sports bra doing lifts


Shayli’s workouts will have you feeling the burn in all the right ways. Her vibe is totally fun, and she knows how to get in some serious exercise without taking herself too seriously.

She is also a Pre/Post Natal Specialist, if you are looking to work off some baby weight.

March 16, 2021 — Kristin Reichert

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