We get it. Dogs are running around. Kids are begging for dinner. Significant others are asking for paperwork to register the car. Life is a whirlwind - and sometimes, well oftentimes, the first thing to get cut when you’re stressed and strapped for time is your workout when really it should be the last thing you cut. To help you stay motivated and crush your wellness goals, here are some tips for integrating a workout into your daily stay-at-home routine: 

  1. Make a plan and take it one day at a time. Instead of focusing solely on the ‘big picture’ goal, tackle smaller bite-sized goals that get you there one step at a time. The task of losing the 20 pounds you want gone is so much more daunting than just setting aside time to exercise every day. 
  2. Incorporate break days. It’s important for your body to relax when it’s rebuilding from working out. Your muscles need some time to heal. Every third day is a typical pattern for scheduling in a little R&R. 
  3. Join an online community. There are so many fitness communities on platforms you’re already on all the time - Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and more! Join the communities, post your plan and goals, and voila!, you’ve just made virtual accountability buddies. 
  4. Find an exercise that’s a good fit for you personally. If exercise feels like a chore or if you dread it from the moment you wake up, you’re going to make excuses to put it off. There are thousands of exercise programs, classes, and videos online so search the web until you find a teacher and/or a workout that you’re inspired by. 
  5. Motivated by money? There are apps and websites where you can wager your family and friends that you’ll lose a certain percentage of body weight by a predetermined time. Dietbet is one to look into if that’s your thing. 
  6. Lastly, make it a routine, and don’t be afraid to say no to things that affect your self-care routine. A little time to yourself to focus on your wellness goals will benefit not just you but those around you too. Who knows, maybe you’ll even become the inspiration those living with you need to kickstart their daily workout routines.
June 01, 2020 — Kristin Reichert

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