Today, exercise headbands are staple in everyone’s gym bag – men and women. The benefits of wearing one while working out are well established. But did you know that a good sports headband can provide similar benefits in many other aspects of your life?

Exercise Headbands for Convenience & Safety

Starting in the gym – or while hiking, running, taking a yoga class, playing sports, etc. – a good athletic band keeps your hair out of your face. More importantly, it keeps your hair out of your eyes. These invaluable accessories also keep sweat from running down your face and getting in your eyes.

At first glance, these may seem to be convenience factors as much as anything, because nobody wants to be annoyed in that way. But, if you really think about it, these can also be safety factors. If you’re lifting weights, jogging outdoors or trying to hit a fast-flying softball, for instance, even the briefest loss of vision can cause you to get hurt.

Outside the gym, wearing an exercise headband can provide the same advantages. You might wear one while driving your car with the window or the top down, for example, while doing some house cleaning, or while working on a craft project.

Sports Headbands for Making a Fashion Statement

Fashion accessories are one of the most effective (and most affordable) ways to add personality to your wardrobe. In the gym, headbands are one of the few practical ways to add flair to your workout gear. Outside the gym, you can use headbands to accessorize virtually any type of outfit.

Choosing colors and patterns that express your personality is a great way to show the world who you are. From camo and animal prints to inspirational and fantasy gym headbands, you can find just the right statement to match your mood on any given day.

Headbands Provide Comfort All Year Long

Wearing a headband can protect your delicate and sensitive ears from winter’s cold and summer’s harsh sun. If you choose a wider design (4 inches is optimal), you can also keep your forehead well protected. A wider band also lets you tuck in small hand warmer packs for even more wintertime comfort.

These benefits are ideal for walking, jogging and playing sports outdoors, but you can carry those benefits way beyond your exercise routine. Wear them when you take the kids to the park or the zoo, or when you’re doing work in the yard (bonus points if you’re shoveling snow!).

Choosing the Best Exercise Headbands

You wouldn’t think of compromising the quality of your moisture-wicking workout gear or well-fitting athletic shoes. To get the most out of your head bands, take a moment to find the best exercise headbands.

At Maven Thread, our ultra soft and stretchy bands feature four-way stretch that holds them firmly in place without pinching, pulling or causing a headache. These 4” wide headbands wick moisture too, just like high-end workout clothing. Best of all, they’re highly affordable and long lasting, delivering you maximum value at a surprising low cost.

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June 08, 2021 — Kristin Reichert

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