With everything going on right now, many people are seeing their stress levels hit an all time high. While this is understandable, being stressed out all the time is not great for your health. We’re here to help with three exercises for stress relief. 

Real Talk About Stress

Everyone deals with small, daily stressors. But ongoing stress can take its toll in a number of ways, including headaches, stomach issues, depression, anxiety and more. Studies also show that women can experience stress more acutely than men. 

Exercise can’t fix all your problems, but it can be a healthy way to alleviate some of the stress in your life. Moving your muscles encourages blood flow and causes deeper breathing, which in turn trips your body’s relaxation response. 

So here are three of the best workouts for reducing stress and relaxing your mind.

Stress-Relieving Exercises


Yoga demands concentration, which is great for taking your mind off the things causing you stress. Plus, yoga often includes meditation, giving you a chance to rest and get plenty of that relaxation-inducing deep breathing. 

Try a hatha class for a more gentle and stress-reducing form of yoga.


Like yoga, pilates requires a lot of mental concentration, keeping you focused on your body movements and not your stressors. It also improves strength and flexibility, which helps relieve physical tension.

Walking / Hiking

Getting out in nature is so good for stress relief. Walking and hiking are gentler forms of exercise that can actually work wonders for your anxiety levels and blood pressure when done regularly. If all else fails, just get yourself out that door and start walking.

Sweat the Stress Out

No matter what burdens you are bearing, getting in a good workout can help clear your mind and get those stress-fighting endorphins moving through you. So give one of these exercises a try, and keep an eye out for more stress relieving workouts to come!

September 28, 2020 — Kristin Reichert

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